Saturday, December 7, 2019

Zadara enhances SQL Server database migration to the cloud, removes complexity, hidden risks and expenses

Zadara Storage announced a new solution that enables enterprises to migrate SQL Server database apps to the cloud – in a phased manner. 
High availability (HA) is imperative to a well-architected SQL Server environment and modernizing business-critical applications. 

While Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition provides a mechanism for doing so, it is costly for organizations that only need its HA features. But according to Zadara, it doesn’t have to be this way. Zadara’s hybrid cloud storage platform is available on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. 

Zadara’s service offering allows users to meet their high-availability requirements using SQL Standard Edition within the AWS environment – providing them with the ability to maintain HA without the cost of SQL Enterprise Edition. In addition, applications can be migrated to AWS without any code changes.

“Our newest offering is the latest example of Zadara’s ability to deliver real business value,” said Oded Kellner, vice president, product management at Zadara. “We are helping customers navigate the hidden risks and unnecessary expenses that have plagued so many SQL Server migrations to public clouds – with greater reliability, faster performance and increased security capabilities.”

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